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artist statement 

何幸兒畢業於香港中文大學藝術系本科(2015),1990年出生於中國,童年移居香港。何氏作品以自身經歷為文本,在遊歷的過程尋找生活景象中的熟悉與陌生,透過壓縮與重構景物,何氏嘗試在創作中帶出後現代城鄉生活的遊離狀態(diaspora identity),並說出人對土地與空間的無感、不確定、焦慮與依戀等複雜情感。

About Ho Hang Yi

Ho Hang Yi was born in rural China in 1990 and moved to Hong Kong at the age of 8. In 2015, she graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong with a bachelor degree in fine arts. Taking inspirations from her personal experiences, the artists condenses and reconstructs familiar and foreign sceneries in everyday life to portray her diaspora identity. Her works often depict the complex feelings of indifference, uncertainty, anxiety and attachment associated to her origin and current place of residence.

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